Too-Ticky is a charecter that first appeared in Moominland Midwinter.



Too-Ticky is a happy go lucky person who comes to Moomin Valley every winter. She is extremly simerler to Snufkin in how she thinks, lives and acts. She is good friends with the Moomins and even brought Ninny to them.

Bio in the Books

Too-Ticky meets Moomintroll in Moominland Midwinter in which she lives in the beach hut on Moominpappa's jetty. She thinks that it's hers since she only stays for winter and does not know of the moomins. She has mice with her and says there very shy and warns Moomintroll not to open the cupboard.

She is later seen fishing in a hole in the ice that she dug, with a ladder to get out. She is seen multiple times there until the ice breaks.

She warns the squirril about staying out to late or the lady of the frost will touch and freeze him. The squrriel forgets and the lady of the frost scratches his ear and he freezes. Too-Ticky, Moomintroll and Little My hold a funeral where he rides of on the back of the snowhorse.

Her next apperance is in Tales from Moominvalley where she brings Ninny, the invisible girl, to the Moominhouse and asks them if they can take care of her until she reappers. She takes Ninny back when she can be seen

Her last apperance is in Moominvalley in November where she looks after the house with the others, but usally is away fishing.

Bio in the TV series

Too-Ticky appeared in the 1972 The Moomins retaining her origanal role. She appeares rarely throughout other episodes.

She next appeared in the 1990 The Moomins where she also retains her origanel role. She has had some slight modifications however,