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Too-ticky is a winter-loving woman who lives in Moominpapa's Bath house with invisible shrews during the winter. Too-Ticky's (or Tuutikin) character was based on the creator of the Moomins Tove Jansson's life partner, Tuulikki Pietilä.

Too-Ticky is active, optimistic and interested in all things. She has a major role in some comic books and newspapers for example,The Magic Winter , but not all the Moomin books. She does not hibernate during the harsh winter.

Too-Ticky's outfit is a red and white stripped sweater and a green bonnet with a red pom.

One winter, Too-Ticky built for Jäärouvaa, a horse out of snow. Little-My definitely wanted to see Jäärouvan up close, although Too-Ticky warned her against Jäärouvan's icily glance. Too-Ticky also warned a little squirrel, who forgot her warning and Jäärouvan froze him and by touching him behind the ear.

Moomin episodes where Too-Ticky appears

  • The Invisible Child (Moomin -1990 Episode 9)
  • The Invisible Friend (Moomin - 1990 Episode 10)
  • Moomintroll and Little My's Winter Adventure (Moomin - 1990 Episode 21)
  • The Winter Visitors (Moomin - 1990 Episode 22)
  • Midwinter Bonfire (Moomin - 1990 Episode 36)
  • The Memoirs of Moominpapa (New Moomin 1972 - Episode 13)
  • Pointless Disturbence is Pointless (New Moomin 1972 - Episode 15)


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