The Moomins (Swedish: Mumintrollen) is a 1960 EP produced after the success of the 1958 stage play Troll in the Wings. The lyrics were written by Tove Jansson, while Erna Tauro wrote the music. All the songs were performed by the actors from the play. These songs were later included in Songs from Moominvalley and Moomin Voices.

Track listing

All songs written by Tove Jansson and Erna Tauro.

  1. Misans klagolåt Misabel's Lament
  2. Lilla Mys visa Little My's Song
  3. Fru Filifjonk ser på livet Mrs. Fillyjonk Contemplates Life
  4. Teaterråttan Emmas filosofi Emma's Philosophy
  5. Mumintrollets meditation Moomintroll's Meditation
  6. Final

Tracks 3-6 were later renamed Fru Filifjonks sång, Teaterråttan Emmas visdomsord, Mumintrollets visa and Slutsång.


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