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Die Muminfamilie (The Moomin Family) was a West German television series, produced by Augsburger Puppenkiste (the Ausburg Puppet Theater) and released from 1959 to 1960. It was filmed in black and white. It was notably the first television series ever to be made based on the Moomin books.

The first series of 6 episodes (Die Muminfamilie) adapts the story of Finn Family Moomintroll. The second series of 6 episodes (Sturm in Mumintal) adapts the story of Moominsummer Madness. Each episode is approximately 30 minutes long.

The first series was broadcast live from a studio in Frankfurt. The second series was recorded in the foyer of Manfred Jenning's puppet theater.

Die Muminfamilie, 1959

Season 1 adapted the story of Finn Family Moomintroll.

  1. Der geheimnisvolle Fund (The Mysterious Hat): August 16, 1959
  2. Die Verwandlung (The Transformation): August 17, 1959
  3. Der Urwald (The Jungle): August 18, 1959
  4. Der Ausflug (The Trip): August 19, 1959
  5. Die Gäste (Guests): August 20, 1959
  6. Das große Fest (The Great Festival): August 21, 1959


  • Erzählerin (Narrator): Hilde Nocker
  • Snork(i) (The Snork): Walter Oehmichen
  • Kuckkuck: Walter Oehmichen
  • Bisam (Muskrat): Manfred Jenning
  • Mumin (Moomintroll): Peter Thom
  • Schnupferich (Snufkin): Günter Knecht
  • Muminpapa (Moominpappa): Walter Oehmichen
  • Gluckgluck, die Henne (Cluck Cluck the Chicken): Walter Oehmichen
  • Hemul (Hemulen): Walter Schellemann
  • Schnüfferl (Sniff): Max Bößl
  • Snorkmädchen (Snork Maiden): Hannelore Marschall-Oehmichen
  • Muminmama (Moominmamma): Rose Oehmichen
  • Vöglechen 1 (Canary 1): Manfred Jenning
  • Vöglechen 2 (Canary 2): Hannelore Marschall-Oehmichen
  • Vöglechen 3 (Canary 3): Romy Niebler
  • Der Zauberer mit den rubinroten Augen (The Magician with the ruby-red Eyes): Walter Schellemann
  • Tofslan (Thingumy): Manfred Jenning
  • Vifslan (Bob): Margot Schellemann
  • Die eisige Morra (The Icy Groke): Manfred Jenning

Sturm in Mumintal, 1960

Season 2 adapted the story of Moominsummer Madness.

  1. Sturm im Mumintal (Moominsummer Madness) (September 18, 1960, 25:32)
  2. Das Theater (The Theater) (September 25, 1960, 25:12)
  3. Emma (October 2, 1960, 25:17)
  4. Der Wald (The Forest) (October 9, 1960, 26:38)
  5. Die Generalprobe (The Rehearsal) (October 16, 1960, 28:29)
  6. Zu Hause (Home) (October 23, 1960, 19:38)
  • Produced by: Augsburg Puppet Theatre, Hessischer Rundfunk (HR)
  • Directed by: Harald Schäfer


  • Snorkmädchen (Snork Maiden) : Hannelore Marschall-Oehmichen
  • Mü (Little My): Beatrix Laqua
  • Hemul (Hemulen): Walter Schellemann
  • Tofslan (Thingumy): Manfred Jenning
  • Vifslan (Bob): Margot Schellemann
  • Muminmutter (Moominmamma): Rose Oehmichen
  • Bisam (Muskrat): Manfred Jenning
  • Mumin (Moomintroll): Peter Thom
  • Schnüfferl (Sniff): Max Bößl
  • Muminvater (Moominpappa): Walter Oehmichen
  • Radiosprecher (Radio announcer): Manfred Jenning
  • Emma: Margot Schellemann
  • Schnupferich (Snufkin): Günter Knecht
  • Filifionka (Fillyjonk): Margot Schellemann
  • Parkwächter (Park ranger): Walter Schellemann
  • Waldkinder (Forest children) 1, 4, 7, 10: Beatrix Laqua
  • Waldkinder 2, 5, 8, 11: Margot Schellemann
  • Waldkinder 3, 6, 9, 12: Romy Nieber


The series was released as a part of a DVD box set containing many early children's television series in Germany [1]

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