For Moominpappa in other media, see Moominpappa.
Moomin mini
Creator Tove Jansson
Gender Male
Species Moomintroll
Color of eyes Brown
Identifying marks Light blue skin, black top, occasionally a cane
Place of residence The Moominhouse, Moomin Valley
Hobby Writing
Friends Snork, Snufkin, Snork Maiden, Little My, Too-Ticky, Alice, The Police Inspector
Wife Moominmamma
Son Moomin
Aunt Jane

Moominpappa is one of the protagonists in the Moomin anime series from 1990-92. He is the husband of Moominmamma and father of Moomin. All three lives in the Moominhouse.


Moominpappa was formerly known simply as Moomin. At a young age, he was left at an orphanage, from which he later ran away from.


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