Moomin mugs are a series of collectable mugs with Moomin characters. They are manufactured by Finnish ceramics brand Arabia. The mugs are designed by Tove Slotte, images are based on the original drawings by cartoonists Tove and Lars Jansson. The mug itself is a 0,3 litre ceramics mug of series "Teema", designed by Kaj Franck in the late 1970s.

The first Moomin tableware was produced by Arabia in the 1950s and the present Moomin mugs were introduced in 1990. Three to five different new mugs are put on the market annually including limited edition items for summer and Christmas seasons. Moomin mugs are popular collectables especially in the Nordic countries. Most valuable are the limited edition mugs made for Fazer café and Stockmann department store. 2004 Fazer Special mug was sold on December 2012 at online auction for more than 26,000 Swedish crowns ($4,000).

List of Moomin mugs

Years in
1990–1993 Mug Green
1990–1996 Mug Blue
1990–1993 Mug Rosa
1990–1996 Mug Yellow
1991–1990 Dark Blue
1991–1996 Dark Green
1991–1996 Dark Yellow
1991–1999 Dark Rosa
1996–2002 Drawing
1996–2002 Peace
1996–2002 Office
1996– Love
1997–2002 Christmas Greeting
1999–2000 Millenium
1999– Moominpappa in His Thoughts
1999– Moominmamma and Berries
1999–2012 Moomintroll on Ice
1999–2007, 2011 Little My Sliding
2001–2012 Snorkmaiden
2001– Stinky
2002–2008 Sniff
2002– Snufkin
2002–2009, 2011 Family
2004–2013 Villyjonk
2004–2013 Hemulen
2004, 2004 Christmas Mug
2004 Fazer Special Mug
2005– Groke
2005 Moomintroll Daydreaming
2005– Thingumy and Bob
2006– Too-Ticky
2006 Dive
2006 Winternight
2007– Hattifnatternes
2007 Dolphindive
2007 Snowlantern
2008– Little My
2008– Mymble
2008 On the Beach
2008– Sniff
2008 Winter Bonfire
2009– Inspector
2009 Siesta
2009–2013 Adventure
2009 Christmas Surprise
2010 Night Sailing
2010– Muddler
2010 Rose Garden
2010 Skiing Competition
2011– Fuzzy
2011 Soapbubbles
2011 Winter Games
2012 Hurray!
2012– Mymble’s mother
2012 Primadonna’s Horse
2012 Stockmann 150th Anniversary
2012 Winter Forest
2013- Snorkmaiden
2013- Moomintroll
2013 Snorkmaiden and Poet
2013- Adventure Move
2013 Under the Tree

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