Skurken i muminhuset  
Author Tove Jansson
Illustrator Per Olov Jansson (photography)
Country Sweden
Language Swedish
Series Moomin
Genre(s) Children's picture book
Publication date 1980

Skurken i muminhuset (Swedish, lit: "The Villain in the Moomin House"; commonly referred to in English as An Unwanted Guest) is a children's picture book in the Moomin series by Tove Jansson. It was published in 1980.

The story is notable in that it features a very large cast of characters from almost every book, who are all shown to be living in Moominhouse, like Grandpa Grumble, The Astronomer from Comet in Moominland, The Toffle and The Miffle, Misabel, Sniff and Stinky.

Instead of the usual drawings by Jansson, this book is illustrated with photos taken by her brother, photographer Per Olov Jansson. The photos show the rooms of the Moomin House model, now on display in the Moomin Museum.

This book has so far not been translated into English, although an unoffical translation is available online.


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